Sustainably brilliant - discover the expanded Colanyl 500 range for vibrant orange colors

01 Nov 2023
  • Introducing new high performance orange aqueous pigment preparation for durable coating solutions
  • Stable PO 62 waterborne preparation with a 24-month shelf life
  • Low VOC, binder- and label-free

Vienna/Austria, Frankfurt am Main/Germany, July 5, 2022 - The new Heubach Group, a global provider of comprehensive color solutions, is expanding its well-known Colanyl 500 pigment preparations range with Colanyl Orange H5GD 500 to better illustrate brilliant orange color shades. The new addition to the portfolio makes customers’ lives easier when facing challenges with the stability of Pigment Orange 62 in waterborne applications.
“Pigment Orange 62 pigments are difficult to stabilize in waterborne preparations or coatings which is why our R&D has focused on developing this advanced Colanyl Orange H5GD 500. It is stable in all its properties with no tendency towards sedimentation, its rheology profile and its color properties, required to deliver outstanding accuracy on all scales. This means complexity in planning, production, handling and quality on the customer side can be reduced. Additionally, the shelf life of the product is 24 months, it is easy to handle and has broad compatibility in various paint systems,” said Heubach’s Franziska Hammerl, Segment Head Decorative & Wood Coatings, Global Technical Marketing Coatings.

Until now, the Colanyl 500 range did not include an orange shade. The new Colanyl Orange H5GD 500 is a pure and yellow orange, closing the gap in the color space in the waterborne preparation portfolio, allowing customers to match bright orange shades with high performance. It can be used to create pure/yellow orange shades and is applicable for architectural and aqueous industrial coatings, flooring, and is also applicable for in-plant and Point-of-Sale tinting. Colanyl Orange H5GD 500 has superior light fastness and has the advantage that it is not DCB based. Further, all Colanyl 500 preparations are compatible in all proportions with each other.

As a pioneer in the development of sustainable color technologies, the new Heubach’s Colanyl 500 pigment dispersions are low-VOC containing, and label (no GHS labels) and binder free. They are manufactured without alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives and engineered to satisfy the variety of demands of the decorative coatings industry.


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