The future is now - The German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services is in great shape after 66 years - open invitation to the Annual Conference 2019

02 Nov 2023

BÖNNIGHEIM (Germany) (ivs) Adapting flexibly to the markets and their requirements, explicitly welcoming progress, tackling challenges as an association, staying fit for the future – this is the energetic image currently presented by the remodelled German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services. Numerous innovations already took place over the last year, starting with the change in management and the establishment of the successful dual leadership. The obligatory personnel, organisational and structural changes have gradually been pushed through by the management and the board in order to provide RAL certification members with real added value. And now it is time for CEO Dr Timo Hammer to give an initial assessment: “Looking back, we have been able to offer our members several highlights – not least the annual conference in 2018 in Kassel, during which a whole new level of community spirit developed. At the close of 2018, we could then expect a real innovation: our brand-new image film, which can be viewed on our website at any time. Since March 2019, our web presence has also shown its best side with a fresh and modern design that is user friendly and also mobile. With the new Hohenstein Academy, we are taking the plunge into new and digital worlds of learning, which, alongside the extensive visible range of courses, will also enrich the training initiatives for RAL certified laundries in the future.”

The German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services is currently inviting attendees to the RAL Certification Annual Conference and member’s meeting, which will take place in Fulda from 17 - 19 October 2019. The board and management of the German Certification Association have together decided to also welcome non-members to attend the general programme of the RAL Certification Annual Conference, with immediate effect. “With this year’s motto ʽa matter of cleanliness - joining forces for successʼ, we are focussing on everything that is important to us,” said Hammer, “we literally want to deliver clean work and in doing so, we can resort to the strengths and support of our association. We are of the opinion that with this communication, we can also make our competences and benefits available to interested non-members.” All participants in the 66th German Certification Association industry meeting can expect a particular innovation this year: the Marketplace, which is a unique platform offering numerous info booths covering various topics independently of any predefined agenda. Visitors can organise their time and desired topics themselves according to requirements and preferences and have a relaxed start to the subsequent conference programme, which is broken up by guest presentations by top-class speakers.


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