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  • Broadways Chemtech

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About us:-

Broadways Chemtech LLP has been one of the leading importers and suppliers of high quality chemicals and specialty additives for construction chemical industry for over fifteen years. We are Entrepreneurship-driven company and managed professionally. We have our office based in Mumbai. We have our distribution strengths across India, serviced through our own warehousing operations in Mumbai(Bhiwandi). Our team strength is eleven comprising technically qualified sales team for direct sales and marketing of our technical products/solutions.

The company represents some of the global leading companies for the Indian market. Few of our key principals are, Munzing Chemie, Germany, Dennert Poraver, Germany, BASF Construction Solutions, Germany

The offered range of chemicals are highly demanded by our customers due to its unique features such as effectivenesss, great stability, excellent work ability ,good stabilizing effect , excellent tolerance against segregation and more. 

Our Product Range includes :

  • Powder Defoamers
  • Viscosity Modifying Agent
  • Polycarboxylic Ether Powder
  • SMF superplasticizer
  • Air entering Agents
  • shrinkage reducing agents;etc.

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