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  • Basic Chemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals & API

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  • Mumbai

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About us:-

INVENTYS Research Company – India’s Leading CDMO of Actives, Advanced Intermediates, & Specialty Chemicals A research-driven Exclusive Synthesis and CDMO company from India – with an established track record of demonstrated excellence in process development, process scale-up, process engineering, project management, and finally in consistent reliable custom manufacturing of chemicals for Crop Protection, Pharmaceutical, and other Fine / Specialty applications. INVENTYS advanced technologies ensure innovative, cost effective, and safe processes. The product portfolio is focused on advanced intermediates and active ingredients for the crop protection and pharmaceutical sector, as well as numerous specialty chemicals which find use in electronics and performance materials. Several specialty chemicals are also available for various applications on a Made-to-Order ( MTO) basis. Founded in 2005, INVENTYS has expanded its expertise and capacities of conducting a wide range of chemical reactions at a commercial scale including Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Halogenation, Sulfonation, Hydroxylation from kg to multi tons scale. On site, INVENTYS infrastructure is equipped to handle critical materials like Sodium Cyanide, Hydrazine Hydrate, liquid, Ammonia, various Alkylating agents, Oleum/Chlorosulphonic Acid, Hydrogen at a manufacturing scale.

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