Solvent Orange 2 / 1-(O-TOLYLAZO)-2-NAPHTHOL / 2646-17-5

  • CAS-Number :- 2646-17-5
  • Molecular Formula :- C17H14N2O
  • Molecular Weight :- 262.31 mol/g
  • Available Qty :- Kgs
  • Package Size :- Bag
  • Price :- Available on Request
  • Markets :- Dyes and Pigments | Textile Industry |

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Appearance: red needles or powder Melting point: 128°C Boiling point: 405.56°C density: 1.0823 Form: neat Solubility (slightly Chloroform,Acetone,Benzene,Ethanol Solubility in water: Insoluble Water Solubility: 26.23ug/L(room temperature)

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