Benzoyl chloride / 98-88-4

  • CAS-Number :- 98-88-4
  • Molecular Formula :- C7H5CLO
  • Molecular Weight :- 140.57 mol/g
  • Available Qty :- Kgs
  • Package Size :- 250Kg iron drum, PE inner.
  • Price :- Available on Request
  • Markets :- Dyes and Pigments | Intermediates | Pharmaceutical Intermediates | Pharmaceuticals & API |

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Form: liquid Color: colorless Boiling Point: 198 °C Benzoyl chloride is used as raw material for organic synthesis, dyes and medicines, to manufacture initiator dibenzoyl peroxide, tert-butyl peroxybenzoate, pesticide herbicide fenmetrione intermediate, etc.

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