Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate / Epsom salt

  • CAS-Number :-
  • Molecular Formula :- H14MGO11S
  • Molecular Weight :- 246.48 mol/g
  • Available Qty :- 100.0000 Kgs
  • Package Size :- 25kg/50kg/HDPE packaging bags/Drum
  • Price :- Available on Request
  • Markets :- Basic Chemicals | Specialty Chemicals | Industrial Chemicals |

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Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate is a hydrate that is the heptahydrate form of magnesium sulphate. The molecular weight of Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate is 246.48 g/mol. Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate is also used to maintain the magnesium concentration in marine aquaria which contain large amounts of stony corals, as it is slowly depleted in their calcification process. In a magnesium-deficient marine aquarium, calcium and alkalinity concentrations are very difficult to control because not enough magnesium is present to stabilize these ions in the saltwater and prevent their spontaneous precipitation into calcium carbonate.

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