Periodic Table


Brand Name Chemical Market
Product Name Paper Weight
Color Transparent
Part Number 001
Size 5" X 2.5" X 16 mm

Periodic Table Transparent Acrylic Paper Weight

Rs. 1000 (Shipped Only within India- Includes Shipping Cost)

International: We only take bulk orders. Contact us via email.

Product Description & Features

  • A permanent chemical periodic table, acrylic material is tough and durable.
  • MaterialMade of acrylic, bright, high-brightness, high-transparency, smooth and smooth, easy to clean, just wipe with water, don't worry about destroying words or pictures, because the words are embedded in the inside, not the appearance.
  • Easy To Use, interesting graphic makes it so you can easily spot groups of elements, learn their Atomic Number, Atomic Weight, Symbol and Name. - Like The Best Teachers And/or Students do.
  • Size 5" X 2.5" X 16mm" Medium in size, very easy to place, you can place it wherever you want to see it, such as rooms, classrooms, desks, so you can read it in the classroom environment.
  • Creative ideas, help you learn while decorating your space, you can see it all the time, simple and beautiful, small and exquisite, so that you can always be happy.
  • Good Ideal For Kids, Adults, Elders, and Collectors. The special materials and manufacturing process make it look beautiful and generous. The latest 118 elements help strengthen your learning.
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