Editorial August-2017 Changing times

Rajiv Parikh

27 Jan 2018

Changing times...

The changing times across the country has brought into limelight the logistics industry. With increasing penetration of ecommerce companies in the country, there has been a significant rise in the logistics and supply chain management. Supply Chain plays a pivotal role across various sectors and without the efficiency of the same; most businesses would suffer a loss.

We had tied up with the ChemLog India 2017, which is also the 3rd International Conference on the Logistics and Supply Chain of Chemicals and Petrochemicals in India. We got an opportunity to learn about the importance of logistics and supply chain across the industry.

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, supply chain is an extremely important aspect. An efficient and well managed supply chain enables the companies to ensure that their products reach the warehouses, exporters and retailers on time. India has come a long way in terms of its supply chain, but it has various challenges to overcome. With the use of the latest technology, the pharmaceutical industry can develop a supply chain that caters to the growing demand of the products and reduces any time delay.

Further, in this issue we have covered the perfumery industry which is estimated to be worth USD 40.1 billion. There are various companies that cater to the growing demand of fragrances across the globe. Well known labels are working to offer a personalized experience to the customer. This being a developing sector, there is huge growth in the online perfumery market as well. High end labels are working to ensure that their fragrances reach every corner of the world and for this; they are choosing the online market as a medium.

We are constantly working to bring you the latest news in the dyes and chemicals industry. In addition, we are hoping to make business easier with the Inventory Sharing Platform that will enable the distributers as well as manufacturers connect easily and allow them to fulfill a backorder. The Inventory Sharing Platform will work as a catalyst for your business and allow you to remain at the top of the game. With the ease of use and convenience in fulfilling your orders, the platform aims to bring you a quick and hassle free method of doing business.

Traders and suppliers can list their products on the platform which can be accessed by other members on the platform. You can keep the information private and only visible to the members of the platform. This is a simple way of allowing the traders, manufacturers and distributers to connect with one another and fulfill the orders.

With the use of technology, it has become possible to reach out to individuals who are into the same business and to allow them to connect with one another.
We hope to partner with similar industries in the sector and encourage inquiries for the same. We appreciate your feedback on our magazine and hope to improve with every issue.

In India, we wish everyone a Happy Independence Day and a Happy Monsoon!

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- Rajiv Parikh


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