Editorial August 2020 Brand Voice do you have one

Rajiv Parikh

16 May 2021

How many companies or people know you or your company the way they know about google, twitter or for that matter a brand company in the chemical industry like BASF, Evonik, AkzoNobel or Reliance Industries. This answers the question regarding why do we need to do branding work?

The answer is simple, so that people and companies knows you, your company and your products. When we think about BASF, we are reminded of the tagline which says "We Make Chemistry!" When you think about Google, we think our search engine. What happens when someone thinks about your company? Something should come to the mind of the person instantly as soon as they think about your company

What is Brand voice?

Brand voice is the distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications. Imagine you went to a dinner party and you are chatting with all the guests. One person stands out because they are great at storytelling in a distinctive, unique way. The flow of their words, the language they used and their personality all combined to make for a memorable experience. In fact, when you are retelling that story, you immediately think of that person. 

Now extrapolate that dinner guest into a brand voice. Who is your brand online? If your brand was a person, what personality traits would they take on and what would they actively avoid? What phrases and stylstic choices does your brand use on a consistent basis? Brand Logo, Color, Tagline or Hashtags, do you have them which are unique and easy to remember?

All of the above combine to create your brand voice. This personality is applied to everywhere your brand speaks, including newsletters, social media posts, internal official communications like announcements and advertising.

Why does brand voice matter?

The digital landscape is crowded. It's filled with biased and unbiased information that is based on what everyones posts and is filtered by social media and news media. It is very important to be a part of these now in these digital revolution times and change with  constantly changing technological innovations. There were times where SMS were the norm and there were so many unsolicited messages sent to several millions at once, then came the email marketing channels and then the social media giants took over. All these channels are still prevelant and once they are used to market your products, there needs to be a validation by either having your own website/brand portfolio or having a third party media platform. For exmaple, there are restaurants who have their own website, but then there is Zomato where you can list your restaurant menu. There are products e-commerce website but then there are also third party platform to sell your products like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or Nykaa. 

We just want you to have a voice and hence we have a similar platform in the chemical industry and that is where we come into picture. We call it the Leads Platform. Be a part of the platform and you can upload your company information, brand logo, product information, MSDS and product images. We also have an offer going on where every eligible company uploading their products on our leads platform will get a 3 months magazine advertising free. Signup today at chemicalmarket.net

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