Editorial June 2020 The World Hit the Reset Button Did you

Rajiv Parikh

20 Jul 2020
Hello Everyone! I hope things are getting back to normal with the lockdown all around the world entering the phase of opening up. It feels free, we will value the freedom to breathe, to walk, run, jog or play in the open ground of course with proper government guidelines to follow for the rest of the year till the epidemic subsides down.

When I was still studying computer engineering a couple decades ago, we had lessons about how a virus affects the working of a computer. Also, there have been many viruses and malwares that affect todays computer system, some are like ransomware and some are just developed for destruction. Those days we used tools for virus removals which were called Anti-Virus software. However some virus were so dangerous and encrypted that it was not possible to remove them comptelely from the Operating System. Then we had to either re-install the operating system or reset it at once. This required us to quarantine our important files and programs in another hard-drive or discs. At that time, I never imagined that this could also happen with the real world! The only difference is, here we cannot reset the operating system because the operating system is the world and the files are humans, and programs are the important systems which keeps the world running.

These can also not be quarantined or deleted. They have to ultimately fight the virus and thrive and definitely this will take time. If it were possible to erase operating system and re-install it, it would have been easier but in real lives, this is not possible and the only way to get rid of a virus affecting humans is to be patient and eradicate it with time and persistence. 

Regarding business, we have got a tremendous response on whatsapp magazine and we have senior leaders, CEOs, decision makers, purchasers signing up to subscribe the whatsapp magazine. The good news is that we got reviews that this magazine is perfect in terms of shape and size and is not considered a directory like any other. The ads are clickable and if you want to view more of the company products, the entire product listing is available on their profile page at chemicalmarket.net

Whatsapp Magazine
The company profile page is similar to LinkedIn Profile where once can create a public profile.
The Catalog Page is similar to how Zomato has the restaurant menu page where restaurant owners can upload their food menu. 

Also, we are currently starting a new whatsapp group where everyone in the chemical industry can connect with each other and do business. It is similar to how BNI (Business Networking International) is. To join group, please send a whatsapp message "Join CM group" on +91-877-9830-330. 

Click the following link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FwVLU9MiGuZKXDmzT10c5g


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