Editorial November-2018 Are you a part of ChinaCoat and Indo DyeChem

Rajiv Parikh

12 Nov 2018

As we embark on a full month of festivities, we must admit we are delighted to be a part of your professional journey. We must say, we have had a good year so far and we hope the same for you. We are delighted to inform you that we will be a part of the ChinaCoat (4th-6th December 2018) that is being held in China and Indonesia International Dyeing and Chemical for Textile Exhibition (Indo DyeChem), Interdye Asia 21st-24th November 2018) being held in Vietnam. We never miss out on an opportunity to learn and grow with the support of our community across the globe. The global coatings industry is growing significantly and China has been one of the top manufacturers of the same. When it comes to demand and supply, China has remained at the top for quite some time now. India is gaining recognition with regard to the products and is catering to the global demand which is driven due to the growth of the construction industry. The industry has had a strong year and will continue to do so.

In this issue, we have given an overview of the global coatings industry which includes detailed statistics and segmentation of the industry in terms of geography and demand. Additionally, we have covered two important industries for the growth of the Indian economy- Pharmaceuticals and Specialty chemicals. Both the industries have played a big role in the development of the economy and will continue to do so in the future. With the advances in tools and technology, it has become possible for the industries to cater to the increasing demand of products across the country. However, there are certain challenges faced by the industry due to the lack of workforce and the increase in fake medicines that could pose a hazard to the health of individuals. The Government has also taken various initiatives to ensure good health care for every citizen in the country. There is a price regulation and introduction of healthcare programs which help cover a wider population as compared to the current situation.

Since you have been a part of our journey for a long time now, we believe you are aware of the inventory sharing platform where we allow you to list the products on the platform and connect with members in the industry. This is a simple way of allowing the traders, manufacturers and distributers to connect with one another and fulfill the orders. You can fulfill the orders as per your needs by connecting with other traders and manufacturers in the industry. With the Inventory Sharing Platform, we aim to connect likeminded individuals and fulfill their orders in a quick and convenient manner while keeping your privacy intact. Our aim is to make business convenient and easier for every member in the community.

We constantly strive to bring you the latest news and information from the industry and try to serve you better with each issue.We would love to hear your feedback and improve in our endeavor to serve you better. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and safe month of festivities!


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