Editorial August 2021 Happy Independence Day India

Rajiv Parikh

14 Sep 2021
With the 75th India Independence day, India developed the first aircraft carrier in house with help from Cochin Shipyard. That’s huge in itself with India having to import aircraft carriers usually from Russia. India along with several players are getting in full force to achieve its oil independence by concentrating more on EVs. Ola is coming up with new scooter that is fully electric and is ready to launch on the 15th of August. India is achieving its goal to fully vaccinate its population and is on its way to success. When India needed oxygen cylinders several companies especially chemical companies came forward to supply oxygen cylinders in the second wave. The delta variant is affecting people and most of them are recovered within 15 days of quarantine. The second wave is almost over and people are back to work with limited restrictions. All this and more are signs of recovery, positivity and growth and we are yet to see another economic upside in the time to come.

Recently there have been a large number of chemical companies which went public including the recent ChemPlast Sanmar, Clean Science, Tatva Chintan, Glenmark Life Science and India Pesticides. All these companies have opened higher than their IPO price. Hopefully, the growth is sustainable and investors reap the benefits of the IPO.

What we have for you in store? We have updated our website with new features for the chemical industry. We have new widgets on the home page with importance to New Products, New Technology, New Companies that signed up recently on our platform. We want to become a one stop place for everything and anything in the chemical industry which covers all markets in the chemical industry. More Details: https://www.chemicalmarket.net/markets
Additives Adhesives & Sealants Aerosols Agro Chemicals
Antifreeze and Coolants Automotives Basic Chemicals Biocides
Catalysts Cattlefeed Ceramic Construction Chemicals
Dyes and Pigments Electroplating Fragrance & Perfumery Food & Nutrition
Foundry Industrial Chemicals Industrial Gases Industrial Minerals
Inks and Printing Intermediates Leather Industry Lubricants
Metal Oils Refinery & Petrochemicals Oleochemicals Paints & Coatings
Paper Industry Personal Care / Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Intermediates Pharmaceuticals & API
Plastics/Polymers Refractories Rubber & Resins Soap & Detergents
Solar Industry Solvents Specialty Chemicals Surfactants
Textile Industry Water Treatment    

We are launching a new feature where you can use our platform to share information and products you want to buy or sell. It’s an experimental feature and hope we get more signups and companies purchase and sales executives can use it to their advantage. We call it the Chemical Market Social Media. It’s a first of its kind in the industry. We have had a large number of signups recently in this digital Covid19 time frame. We want to get your feedback as to what is it that you need so that we can implement it for your benefit. We welcome your ideas and in this time and age where exhibitions and personal social interactions are not happening, we can leverage the use of technology to benefit our customers and help them to grow their business.


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