Editorial December 2022 What is Happening and is it too Confusing

Rajiv Parikh

15 Dec 2022
The US stock market is bust. The world over there is turmoil, ongoing war in Ukraine, inflation, increasing interest rates, lower retail numbers in the US and the ongoing pandemic fears in China as per news reports however, the Indian Stock Market is rallying. Why is there a stark difference in the arkets when things were going good with the US markets for several years? Is US losing its winning streak? Is the political game in the US affecting the people and the world? Are people happy with the way the US Fed is increasing its interest rates? Whatever US does was impacting the entire world. May be, it will still continue to dominate as the world leader but so far the Indian economy has been resilient and hasn’t been red like the US stock market which has fallen to the bottoms from an all-time high. The big question is to understand how far the US market correction will go?

There has been surprising news as well. Recently there was a report on one of the news channels that mandarin (Chinese language) is being introduced in schools in Saudi Arabia. This was almost unheard of. Is Saudi Arabia using China to grow its influence and hedge against the US. According to one report, the current squabble between the US and Saudi Arabia is an opportunity to China. So it seems, it is both ways and they can work together going forward! China’s increasing influence the world over is real and it has reached a stage where countries are moving away from the US and working with China. There have been several geo-political factors affecting trade in the last 2 years within India.

There have been new channels opening up for trade with Russia and China, which will be considered foul by the US as it has placed sanctions on Russia for its invasion on Ukraine and has always been at war with China in terms of trade. But in the end, the Indian government is playing it well such that the people of India benefits in all of these world political playground. The whole world story revolves around only one thing, and that’s Energy. The more a country becomes energy independent, their dependence on every other country will reduce as the $ that is spend on energy will be saved and energy will be harnessed by the renewal mode of energy generation like the sun, wind and hydro.

On another note, recently we attended the ChemLog India 2022 event at Mumbai. We met delegates from reputed companies all being a part of the logistics industry in the chemicals space. It was really a great event organized by Mr. Sharat Mishra and Mr. Shailendra Kumar and we hope this continues to reach great heights going forward.

There were several discussions and updates about how things will change or needs changes in the Chemicals Logistics sector. Over the 2 days, nearly 70 industry leaders and domain experts shared their views through several discussion sessions and teams created from different profiles. We have listed several exhibitions on our event profile page. Do review them for all your events needs in the chemical industry.

We also made several new customers on our leads platform and that continues to rise on a monthly basis. I am sure with time, chemical market leads platform will be a one source information for your needs in the chemical industry, whether it is for sourcing chemicals or sourcing technology related to the Chemical industry.


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