Editorial February-2018 Paints Coatings and Specialty Chemicals

Rajiv Parikh

07 Mar 2018
The announcement of a balanced Budget 2018 has prepared us for the election year. In an attempt to improve healthcare across the country, the government has taken a strong initiative. The health care proposals by the Government will lead to an increase in the demand for medicines and will benefit pharmaceutical companies. With so much going around the country, we are really looking forward to the Paint India exhibition held in March. It brings us a unique opportunity to interact with learned minds in the industry and to be introduced to some of the most innovative products globally. With a number of exhibitors participating from across the world, we aim to learn from the leaders and showcase the best of our products to the industry.
In this issue, we cover the growth and development of paints and coatings industry in the country. The industry plays a significant role in the growth story of India. Due to the fragmentation of the industry, the supply exceeds the demand across different segments. The demand for the decorative paints depends on the growth of the housing sector while the demand for industrial paints depends on the user industries across the country. There are still a number of industries which fall into the unorganized sector and a few industries that dominate the paints market in the country. The biggest challenge for the industry is the lack of skilled personnel who can help in the innovation and adoption of latest technology. It is important for the industry to innovate and remain abreast with the technology available in the world.
Further, in this issue we are also covering a story on the role of paints and coatings in the automobile industry. The heavily regulated industry helps in the decoration and protection of the automobiles. The industry in India is still developing and has a strong growth prospect. The demand in Asia is consistently rising faster than anywhere in the World and the next five years will see a strong adoption of new coating technologies due to the innovations in the automobile sector. The automobile sector is gearing towards a tremendous change with the introduction of self-driven cars and this will have a positive impact on the paints and coating industries across the world. Research and development in the industry is essential in order to ensure that the country can give competition to global industries.
Chemspec India has continued to develop and reinforce itself as the must-attend networking platform for both domestic and international buyers and sellers of Fine and Speciality Chemicals. Chemspec India 2017 welcomed 11,500 industry professionals to the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. Visitors from throughout India, Europe, China and the USA helped to make Chemspec India 2017 a truly upbeat networking occasion as they toured over 300 exhibitor companies on-site and sat in on the range of technical conferences and seminars on offer. Chemspec India 2018 takes place from 25-26 April 2018 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.
We constantly strive to bring you the latest information about the industry and welcome your inputs which will help us serve you better. Our Inventory Sharing Platform helps connect like minded individuals and enables ease of business. Individuals can list their products on the platform that can be assessed by other members on the platform and will help in the fulfillment of the orders. The information will remain private and will only be visible to members of the platform. This is our attempt to provide a simple and convenient way of allowing the traders, distributers and manufactures to connect with one another and fulfill the orders with ease.


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