Editorial January-2019 Happy New Year 2019 A new Beginning

Rajiv Parikh

08 Jan 2019
We welcome the New Year with lots of success to our fellow readers. We hope that the new year bring you good cheer, health and prosperity. As things are moving fast, here are the few facts that will get you in grip with the New Year.
  1. India is the third largest producer of agrochemicals and the seventh largest chemical producer in the world.
  2. India accounts for approximately 16% of the world's production of dyestuff and dye intermediates, particularly for reactive acid and direct dyes.
  3. Indian Chemicals accounted for 12.17% of total national exports and 9.91 percent of total imports in 2016

The good news is that India will outpace China as the fastest rising major economy considering the current issues with regards to pollution and US-China trade war. We always underestimate the collective efforts of the businesses in India and the change that it will bring in the next 10 years as opposed to overestimate the change that has happened in the past two years. Even when you invest in a particular fund, you always think long term and not just short term. Such is the growth story of India. We see a bright future.

There are 3 major changes that are globally affecting the chemical industry.
  1. Sustainability: The pollution and emission controls are hampering the production of raw materials and finished goods.
  2. Digitalization: This aspect is leading the innovation in all major industries including the chemicals sector. This is expected to reduce cost and streamline the processes for higher revenue and increased production.
  3. Innovation: The demand for chemicals is expected to grow in emerging markets as shrinking life-cycles of a product and affordability for new is increasing steadily with the growing middle class.

That said, we will like to highlight a few things that we have for store for you. Very soon, we will be bringing you a platform for major and important chemical prices on the web and mobile (daily/weekly/monthly). In 2019, we have also tied up with several domestic and  international exhibitions. You will be able to advertise and market your products in the reputed exhibitions like ChemSpec Mumbai/Europe, Inter-Dye China/Turkey, TurkChem Turkey, Coatings Show Europe and Dubai, CpHI (several global locations), Korea Chem Expo, ChemUK, Surface Coatings Bangkok, Dye-Chem Exhibitions in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Plus the power of technology will help get you more leads.

The Inventory Sharing Platform (ISP) will help post your products or search for the raw materials you are looking for. Moreover, we want you to quit using a 300 pages directory with text ads all around and start getting online. Instead of looking on page 101 of the products index, you can just do a quick search on your mobile or web and get to know the company names for your supplies and raw materials or chemicals you are looking for! For sellers, no fake enquiries like the ones you get now and only genuine people interested will connect with you using our Inventory Sharing Platform (ISP). Stay Tuned!

Once again a very happy New Year 2019!


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