Editorial October 2022 Its the Festive Season all Around and then there is Market Turmoil and Rising Dollar

Rajiv Parikh

15 Oct 2022
Hello everyone, this time around we have an early festive season and things are brutal at some parts of the world like the war torn Ukraine and the Wall Street turmoil. We being in India are striving hard to make sure we don’t get affected by all of this however the rising dollar does make things difficult for importers. The South American country leader’s claims that the government in the US is responsible for the rising inflation and the declining of the world economy. They are causing the world economy to tumble by increasing the interest rates in the US which causes more pain and rising dollar value with the rest of the world currencies. They also blame that the US is responsible for the war in Ukraine. Well The US always is at the forefront of each controversy, argument or the world disorder and the only reason is because they control the world currency. Hope things get back to normal with time but as per my understanding this will take a little longer than expected.

We have been trying to connect with all of you since the past couple of months and trying to bring you all, on our global LEADS PLATFORM. We have also released a few festive offers where you can advertise in our magazine (a quarter page ad) completely FREE. Usually there is no free lunch however in this case it is actually FREE for 6 months for the first 100 customers. However, the only condition is to either signup for our magazine subscription using our online mode of payment which is only Rs. 600/- or $11.99 per year or Upload your products on our LEADS PLATFORM. I think, if you advertise a quarter page ad in our magazine for free for the first 6 months, it is ok to pay at least Rs. 600/- per year as magazine subscription cost and also if you want the full benefit of the ad, it is recommended to upload all your products on our LEADS Platform. You pay for the Leads Platform membership only after you get any leads/ enquiries on our portal for any of your products. So, please upload your products online on our Leads Platform. It’s like if you want to win the race, you need to take part in the race.

On another note, we are also bringing you the much awaited Social Media Platform for the chemical industry called #Interactions. This will allow you to send messages to someone of the Leads Platform with a @ tag. You can share images and pdfs on the same post by commenting on the post. More details will be released in a few weeks.


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