Luxurious skin feel and moisture with Clariants new natural and versatile Plantasens Pro LM emollient

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01 Nov 2023
  • Clariant launches new natural emollient tailored for use in skin care, sun care, as well as color cosmetic applications
  • Plantasens Pro LM delivers luxurious feel and moisture to the skin and enables formulators to create sun care and color cosmetic products with superior hydrating benefits
  • Plantasens Pro LM is 100% natural, readily biodegradable, COSMOS and Natrue certified

MUTTENZ, March 9, 2023 - As consumers globally show an increasing interest and education in skincare, Clariant has launched its new, natural emollient, Plantasens Pro LM, which provides a luxurious, rich and caring feel to skin during and after application.

With a growing demand for healthy looking skin, Plantasens Pro LM delivers moisture in skin care and is also designed to combine well with UV filters and pigments. These features make it the ideal choice of emollient to deliver its skin benefits across a broad range of sun care and color cosmetic application areas, as well as skin care. For formulators, it means a chance to create sunscreens and make-up formulations that deliver superior moisturizing and hydration.
“We see increasingly skincare-educated consumers who seek to maximise benefits from their skincare routines and in particular, seek moisturizing benefits throughout their routine – from cleansing to makeup application. Plantasens Pro LM addresses exactly this. It’s a highly moisturizing and natural emollient that combines well with pigments and UV filters.” said Michael Haspel, Head of Personal & Home Care at Clariant.

Additionally, Clariant is committed to providing an environmentally friendly choice of ingredients, which can be fostered by a shift toward renewable carbon. Plantasens Pro LM is 100% natural and readily biodegradable. It’s also COSMOS and Natrue certified.


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